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Mana Raptor

Lethe (lē′t̸hē)
1. Greek and Roman Mythology: the river of forgetfulness, flowing through Hades, whose water produces loss of memory in those who drink of it
2. a state of oblivion; forgetfulness

Reverie (rev′ə rē)
1. A state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream
2. An instrumental piece suggesting a dreamy or musing state
3. A fanciful or impractical idea or theory

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Nice username btw! xD

I found your lj via daily lolita. I'm into Gothic Lolita too.

Would it be ok to add you?

Sophie x

sure thing! I'll add you, too :)

I just added you as a friend using my new account.

Who is this? What was your old account? I'm sorry for the late reply, I wasn't notified of this comment for some reason! xD

Luckyratfoot. I probably did it when LJ wasn't doing notifications. At least the site is working now. For the moment...

Oh! Okay! I'll add you now ^^

This is Sarah from Tekko.

Hi! I'm sorry for the late reply! I'll add you now~ ^^

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