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Lolita for sale
Mana Raptor
My feedback can be found here:

Want to buy/direct trade: Any dark brand JSKs. My favorite brands are Alice Auaa, Moi-meme-Moitie, Victorian Maiden, and Innocent World. Here are examples of what I like, but I am open to more than just the items here on my wishlist:

NOTE: All measurements are taken from the brands' website. These are not my measurements. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items. Items will be shipped within a week, and come from a pet-free, smoke-free home.

For sale:

Item #1 - black Infanta blouse
Length (ruffle edge excluded): 56cm
Price: $50 (+ $5 US shipping, $8 international)

Item #2 - BodLine cardigan (brown)
Back center length: 36cm
Bust:; 80-100cm
Shoulder length: 36cm
Sleeve length: 62cm
Price: $30 (+ $5 US shipping, $8 international)

Item #3 - Alice and the Pirates Saint Mephisto Cathedral JSK in pink
Oficial measurements:
Bust: 85~98 cm (33.46~38.58 inch)
Waist: 69~82 cm (27.16~32.28 inch)
Length: 93 cm (36.61 inch)
Price: $300 (+ $8 US shipping, $13 international)
St Mephisto Cathedrale

Item #4 - Alice and the Pirates Seraphim prink JSK in cream
Bust: 86
Waist: 72
Length: 94
Price: $330 (+ $8 US shipping, $13 international)

And here is the worst proof picture you will ever see (I'll take a better one later xD):¤t=Photo_00001.jpg

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hey there :)

whats the condition of the seraphim dress? thanks <3

Hi! ^^
Wow, that was quick, my post to the comm_sales hasn't even been approved yet! xD

And it's in good condition! I bought it off someone on the comm_sales, and I can't remember if she ever wore it or not.... I've worn it twice, and the second time, I got a chocolate stain on it, but I managed to get that out. I can't find any other major flaws with the dress :P

Do you have anything for sale now? I'd prefer to trade it :3

yeah I saw it and was like "ooooh my god" xD

No problem I think you bought it off from a friend of mine ^.^

Too bad this comes two weeks too late or otherwise I could have traded with you a dress from your wishlist ;_; but I do plan on selling some dresses but they're not dark (except from the lady rose set from AP in black) should I send you some pictures?

The AP dress is too sweet for me Dx What dresses are you planning on selling? If we can't arrange a trade, I'd just sell it to you :)

Omg you're selling stained glass? @___@;; Holy cow, I really want that. Haha. I'm not sure if I have something you'd want or not but I'd be up for trading or partial-trading. I am looking to sell some of my sweet stuff, primarily BtSSB...

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